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Cloud Computing. Why is essential for your company?

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Cloud Computing - What is it?

Cloud Computing is a great tool for use either at home or in almost any size business. The use of the Cloud allows a business or company to access secure database storage, computing power and a host of other tools all online.
Each of these tools can provide a vital service for any kind of company, retail companies can benefit vastly from the use of online databases and storage solutions, and other companies providing a service will benefit form the ability to access the computing power provided by these Cloud services, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Benefits of cloud storage

Cloud based storage is a vital step for a company to take to ensure a much higher level of data security, especially with smaller companies that may have a less advanced IT department.
The use of cloud storage has more benefits than just security, using cloud storage services means that that data is more easily accessible from a lot more locations than if it was kept on a client server, this makes possible easy remote working and allows for easier changes to data on the fly.

Benefits of cloud based computing

Cloud based computing is a great way for small companies to offload a lot of the computing demand from their local network and move the workloads to cloud based computing solutions such as AWS.
This will enable the machines on the companies network to be used for more in-house tasks while leaving the bulk of computing for the company to cloud software.

Starting of with The Cloud

Amazon Web Services, started back in 2006, is a service provided by Amazon to help businesses with many different areas of the cloud. Amazon Workspaces is a great service for monitoring your business, with features like:
  • Live alerts and alarms
  • Real-time management
  • Very personalisable for your needs
AWS is a very cost efficient solution for computing as you need only pay for the Workspaces you actually launch. Amazon Workspaces are also much much more secure than the traditional desktop solutions you may already be using, this means more peace of mind for your business knowing that your data is safe and that you can keep track and monitor any changes you may come across.

The Cloud for you

Cloud Computing is an ever changing, always evolving tool for businesses to take advantage of especially. With more and more cloud services emerging, and the existing ones becoming more secure, efficient and less costly, there has never been a better time to utilise this amazing tool and really change your company for the better.
With digital threats increasing more and more every day, data security is becoming ever more important so switching to secure cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services, has never seemed like a better option, and this will only increase in the future. Make the right move for your businesses security, peace of mind and longevity, make the move to the cloud.
Technology is always changing, so keeping up with computing demand can be a costly strain on a business of any size. Why not take the load off and do the bulk of your computing through the cloud, for more efficient work being done at a much cheaper cost to your company?

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