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Amazon's Route 53

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Amazon's Route 53: A New Development In Cloud Based Workspaces

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You may think that Route 66 is where it's at, but members of the DevOps community are increasingly taking Route 53 instead.

 This is the name of Amazon's new agent for connecting users to the SAP HANA database when they are working on site. Ready to use it? First, you will need to set up SUSE HAE for HA fallover and then you are ready to start exploring.


What is Route 53? An overview

This tool is:

  • A DNS service
  • Designed for businesses and DevOps teams
  • Able to translate domain names into IP addresses to connect your customers fluidly to different areas of your website
  • Great for managing traffic flow
  • Useful for health checking your DNS
  • Ideal for registering your Domain Name (registration is one of the services provided by this new agent by AWS for SAP)
  • Adept at automatically configuring your DNS settings so that they suit your domain

Nor is this anexhaustive overview of Route 53. This tool from AWS for SAP can do much more, as it is highly compatible with other tools and procedures such as Latency Based Routing and AWS's own Elastic Load Balancers.


Amazon's collaboration with itelligence

Innovations such as Route 53 are increasingly being born from Amazon's productive partnership with the SAP and ER Pexperts at itelligence. Recent statistics have shown that at some point 76% of all transactions that take place on the internet will come into contact with some kind of SAP system. This impressive statistic highlights how important it is for DevOps teams working within businesses to continue developing robust SAP solutions. Migrating databases and other collections of data over to AWS, and using AWS tools and spaces to deal with everything from disaster management to the more efficient checking of proposed projects has made businesses' operations more fluid,fast, and effective. When it comes to migrations, moreover, AWS has developed a tool to make the very process of migration even more efficient. This is a programme called theSAP Rapid Migration Test, and it is dramatically reducing SAP and migration related headaches for business. With this programme, migrations can be completed within 48 hours, and for less than £1000 (or, around $1000 for international customers): a prospect which is understandably veryattractivefor businesses as it minimises disruption to their infrastructure.The SAP revolution continues!


The rate of development of new tools made by AWS for SAP is really accelerating

If you are of the opinion that AWS is churning out new tools, programmes, and ideas like never before this year -you are not alonein the DevOps community. The rate of development is definitely accelerating.

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